Looking for educational, responsible toys and playsets?

Medio’s offers educational toys for use in schools. Our playsets make it easy to encourage children to be active on the playground. Our A’muze range will help boost their creativity while they play with other children, helping them hone their social skills at the same time.


We offer a broad range of educational outdoor playsets. These products range from ball games to a true grandstand. The one aspect these products all have in common is that the games are educationally responsible. The children actually learn whilst playing without even realising it because they are having such a great time. Their development will continue outside of the classroom when they play on the playground, but in a different, more relaxed fashion.

We are expanding the market for our products, and are launching sets where children can sit, relax, and chat with one another, a place for them to meet up on the playground or in the multi-purpose rooms in secondary schools. Most of the playgrounds or schoolyards at secondary schools are empty, boring, grey, lack structure and are colourless. Lounge can change all that in a very simple yet attractive manner. Medio’s is also committed to creating green and bullying-free playgrounds. Read more about this or contact us for further information about our educational toys.

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New range of modules 100% recycled!

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