Bullying-free playground

A’muze aims to create a bullying-free playground. This is also one of the objectives of our playset elements. Every school has to contend with bullying behaviour now and then, and it’s not always clear how to stop it from happening. We have however observed a very striking trend.

Bye-bye bullying

These days, the A’muze playsets may be found on numerous playgrounds, both in Belgium and abroad. Their arrival often has the effect of reducing bullying or even eliminating it completely. The children get so absorbed by what they are doing and one another that there is no time left for bullying. This is just one of the many positive aspects A’muze can offer. It may very well be the main reason to purchase our playground elements for your playground. After all, what could be better than children playing harmoniously with one another?

Bullying-free school? Be sure to check the label!

Our belief that schools can be kept bullying-free is so strong that we even created our own label for it. Every school that purchases the A’muze playsets will get a label free of charge to hang up at the school’s entrance. This will help parents and children instantly identify the school as a bullying-free location. What could be more positive than that?

Label d’une école sans harcèlements